Top 10 Names for January

This was originally posted on February 3, 2015

The first month of a new year is always interesting to look back on, everyone decides to do different things after the New Year celebrations and this can lead to changes in baby name choices too!  December saw a few surprises in regards to your choices, and it is interesting to see if these trends continue.  January definitely has thrown a few surprises up, but at the same time it is clear that you still love traditional names.

We begin by looking at your top rated baby names from the past month, and again there are some surprises in the top ten!  As usual our ratings are out of five.

Name Rating  Change
Flora 4.3  NEW
Evie 4  RE-ENTRY
Fraser 4  NEW
Lexie 3.93  NEW
Livvy 3.91  NEW
John 3.9  NEW
Konrad 3.9  NEW
Mehreen 3.9  NEW
Catherine 3.8  NEW
Nina 3.75  NEW

As you can see January was not only the first month in a new year, it was also the chance for lots of new baby names to enter our top ten rated baby names.  No names remained in the chart from December, and only Evie re-entered (for the first time since it topped the charts in March 2014).  All of the other baby names that entered the top ten this month were new entries!  Flora hit the top of the charts, and traditional names such as Fraser, John and Catherine also entered our top ten for the first time.

On the other hand we also some some unique names entering the top ten for the first time.  Whist Lexie is generally seen as a shortening of Alexandra, it is certainly a unique baby name.  The same could be said for Livvy, most commonly seen as a shortened version of Elizabeth.  Perhaps 2015 will be the year of shortened baby names!  Konrad (7th) and Mehreen (8th) also entered the top ten, so there was definitely a unique twist on the top rated baby names in January!

We always produce a chart of your favourite baby names from the month too.  These baby names are the ones that you will have added to your name lists, so the chances are you actually chose one of these names!

Name Change
Noah ↑3
Arabella NEW
Daisy NEW

Only one baby name survived in your favourite name chart from the previous month, and that was Noah.  In fact Noah climbed three places to finish up in 3rd place!  There were also two new entries into the chart, and both names make for interesting additions to the chart.  Arabella (recently a song by Arctic Monkeys) arrives in 5th, and Daisy finishes the chart in 10th place.  Are these baby names that you would consider for your children?

All of the other baby names were re-entries, and this is something we see quite often in our favourite name chart.  It’s no surprise that names such as Jack, Olivia, Freya and Ethan are constant features of the chart, they are the baby names that you love!  We also saw re-entries for Evie, Harper and Felix.

See you in March for a look back at February, and we might start seeing some trends developing for 2015!