Top 10 Names for November

This was originally posted on November 9, 2014

The penultimate month of a year where classic baby names have dominated the charts has brought us a few more changes, which perhaps point to trends once again changing.  Last month we began to see a change in your opinions on baby names as classic names began to fall out of the chart, despite 2014 being a definite traditional year.  What does November show us in regards to the changing in trend that we saw last month?

We will start by looking at the baby names which you chose to rate as the highest in November, as always these ratings are out of 5, and yet again there are some interesting surprises!

Name Rating  Change
Chloe 4.1  RE-ENTRY
Manha 3.6  RE-ENTRY
Aroush 3.5  NEW
Thomas 3.45  RE-ENTRY
Poppy 3.4  NEW
Edward 3.36  NEW
Florence 3.27  RE-ENTRY
Kaede 3.2  NEW
Stephen 3.2  NEW
Aurora 3.18  NEW

There are no baby names in the top 10 in November remaining from the previous month.  Instead we saw six baby names enter the chart for the first time.  In 2014 it might not be surprising to see Poppy, Edward and Stephen feature in the top ten, albeit for the first time.  These are names which have been popular for many years.  We also saw some more unique names enter for the first time, these names were Aroush, Kaede and Aurora.  Names such as these entering the chart show us that unique baby names are perhaps once again going to become extremely popular.

In November we also saw four re-entries into the chart.  Florence made its way into 7th position, having previously appeared in the chart in September, Chloe also followed from that month rising to the top of the chart in November.  Both of these names, including the re-emergence of Thomas could point to classic names still being popular.  We also saw Manha reappear in the chart, again last appearing in September, certainly a unique name.

We always look at your favourite names each month, these are the names which you would have added to your name lists.  This means that these might be baby names you actually chose for your child!

Name Change
Ella ↑4
Jacob ↓7
Abigail RE-ENTRY

Only two baby names remained in the favourite name chart from the previous month, Ella rose four places to 2nd in the chart, whilst Jacob dropped seven places to 8th.  The fact that these names remained in the chart show us that classic names are still popular.  In fact the chart of favourite names show us that classic names will still be in your thoughts for the foreseeable future, despite the chance that unique names might be becoming more popular.  James re-entered the chart for the first time since May and took top spot!

We also saw re-entries for ever popular baby names, names that always seem to come in and out of the favourite baby names charts.  Mia, Isla, Jack, Ava, Ethan, Max and Abigail all re-entered in November and it shows that classic names are still popular, whilst names such as Max entering show that perhaps unique baby names will soon be taking charge again.  Abigail entered the chart for the first time in over two years!

We will be back in the New Year with a look at your top baby names in December, plus a round up of the most popular baby names in 2014.  See you then!