Flower Baby Names

Flower names are always popular and for good reason – they are lovely feminine names that would suit any baby girl. Some of these names come directly from flower species while some of the names mean ‘flower’ itself.


The name comes from the English word for ower and was originally a term of affection.


Bluebell, a wild flower, symbolises gratitude.


The Dahlia is a bushy ower native to Mexico, where it is considered the national ower. It also means ‘valley’ in Swedish.


The yellow centre of the ower of the same name is covered by petals come dusk and was named ‘day’s eye.’ This then became ‘daisy’ over time.


Fleur comes from the French word for ‘flower.’


The name Lily comes from the English word for the flower. It is regarded in many cultures as a symbol of purity and in Christian belief it is a symbol of peace. The name has recently enjoyed a huge popularity boost and is very popular in the UK and US.


Poppy is the name of a ower and often given to girls born on Remembrance Sunday. Poppies are seen as symbols of remembrance owing to their link with World War I.


Primrose comes directly from the name of the flower. The name means ‘ rst rose’ because it is one of the first owers to bloom in the spring.


Rose is an elegant name for a girl, taken directly from the English name of the flower. It is considered a traditionally English name, taken from the phrase ‘an English rose.’


This Arabic name means ‘flower’ and has become increasingly popular over recent years.