A Heart Warming Baby Name Story

This was originally posted on September 27, 2011

We all love the chance to think about what exactly we are going to name our baby and there are many reasons for choosing the baby name that we end up deciding on. Reasons can range from family members, a name of your favourite celebrity, the place of conception, or just simply a baby name that you like! Now and again there are some really heart-warming stories about how someone named their baby, and this story is no different.

Dan Biddle was caught up in the 7/7 terror attacks on London and was at Edgware Road station when a bomb went off. He was one of the worst injured people and ended up losing his legs and an eye. Obviously this could set some people back, but Dan managed to get on with his life and has just had the pleasure of becoming a father. After being saved from Edgware Road by ex-soldier Adrian Heili, Biddle believed it would only be right to remember the man who saved his life. So his new-born son has been named Nathan Adrian in remembrance of the man who helped Biddle to safety.

In the age of celebrity baby names and their influence, it is great to see such a story reaching the surface. Naming your baby should be a fun experience, and there is always the chance to remember someone else in a special way. Such stories show the kind of things that we can all do to help each other, and how people who have an impact on our life can play an important role when we decide on baby names!

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