How To Keep Your Child Entertained On A Long Flight

You’re going on holiday! The flights are book, the bags packed and you’re on your way to the airport. Everyone is excited, especially your child(ren) and that’s when you realise…the flight is hours and hours long. How are you going to keep them entertained so they don’t disturb the other passengers? Don’t let this happen to you! Prepare for a long flight with your child(ren) by reading our five foolproof tips to keeping your little ones entertained on a long flight.

1) Let them Draw

Instead of on carrying hundreds of pieces of paper and pens on board your flight, then having them go absolutely everywhere, the simple answer is to buy your child a travel sized Etch-A-Sketch. Mini versions are on sale on Amazon for around £5, which is a small price to pay for keeping your sanity on a long flight with your child(ren)! With that in hand, your child(ren) can draw whatever they want without losing any pens or pencils. Plus, you’ll save paper and help the environment.

2) Sweet Treats

One way to keep your child(ren) entertained throughout the flight is to simply distract them with a few sweet treats. These don’t necessarily have to be unhealthy candies or chocolate – raisins and dried cranberries make a healthy, but still tasty alternative. Use these as incentives for being good on the flight, such as following seat belt rules or just generally being a good boy or girl. Small boxes of cereal, animal crackers or biscuits would also make a good snack and we are sure your little ones will enjoy them more than the in flight meal.

3) Stay Organised 

Before your trip, pack a small plastic bag with some entertaining essentials. These could be quizzes, jokes or puzzles cut out from multiple children’s magazines, which will save you from having to lug around the magazines themselves. Another idea is to pack a few small books for your child(ren) to flip through. You can also pack some craft essentials (keep in mind airport and airplane restrictions, though) and do some DIY with your child(ren) on the flight. We recommend pipe cleaners, as they are safe to bring aboard and they can be made into monsters, animals, bracelets and shapes…the possibilities are endless!

4) Put on a Show 

Another great way to keep your child entertained on a long flight is finger puppets. You can easily find cheap packs online or you can turn it into a crafting session and make them yourselves before you leave. While on the plane, your child(ren) can entertain themselves with made up stories, or you can ask them to put on a little show for you. This will definitely help pass the time and before you know it, you’ll be landing.

5) Games, Games, Games

Your child(ren) will have lots of energy to expel, which is a bit of a problem on a flight with nothing to do. So, bring lots of games on board with you to keep them distracted. Tablets loaded up with kid friendly apps and games are a good idea, and modern in flight entertainment is great with movie choices. Aside from electronic solution, though, card games are always good fun. For older children, ‘Uno’ or ‘Top Trumps’ are a good idea for a few hours of fun.

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