Hybrid Baby Names: Clever or Crazy?

Expectant parents are sure to argue about many things, but one of the biggest rows you and your partner will have is probably about what you should name your child. Imagine this: both of you have your ideal names and neither are going to budge. You want to name your baby Sally, but your partner wants to name her Molly. What should you do?

What about mashing both names together to create a hybrid name? Instead of connecting them together with a hyphen and making a double-barrel name, why not just combine them both together to create a completely unique baby name!

Hybrid names (or portmanteau names, if you want to get fancy) have been a feature of celebrity culture for years ever since Hollywood power couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, pioneered the name “Bennifer”. Many have followed in their footsteps and now we have TomKat, Brangelina, Kimye, and the latest couple to join in on the name combining fun, HiddleSwift. Even non-romantic couples have used hybrid names (see: Jedward). But just because it’s good for celebrities, does it mean that expectant parents should do it too?

Some parents choose hybrid names in order to combine and honour two family names. This may be easier said than done, though. If your mother is called Allison and your father is called Jack, you can simply call your son Jackson. But if your parents have names that are not compatible, then you may end up with a very strange name indeed.

Of course, all of this is merely food for thought and just something to consider in the course of your baby naming decisions. Always go with what you like the most because, no matter what anyone else says, it is your decision to make in the end!