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About Abdurahman

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This is a variation of the very popular Muslim boys name and is fairly common in many countries around the world. It is for parents who hope that their son grows up to be pious and faithful to God.

Detailed Meaning

This male name is most common in Muslim and Arabic speaking countries. It derives from the compound name of “Abdul Rahman.” This meaning of this name ‘servant of the gracious’ literally means the “servant of Allah.” This name is often shortened to Abdur as a pet form.

Famous People With This Name

There are many famous figures with this name (and its many variants) but specifically for his entry, we will highlight some interesting people with this name: Abdur Rahman Slade Hopkinson was a Guyanese actor, Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal was the ruler of Saudi Arabic, Mahdi Abdul-Rahman was an American basketball player and Abdul Rahman Munif was an Arabic novelist.

Possible Nicknames

Some possible nickname options include “Abby” (although that is a girl’s name) or perhaps “Dullah,” “Dully” or even “Manny.”

Related Names

There are many variants of this name, all of them spelt slightly differently but are essentially the same name: Abd ar-Rahman, Abdul Rahman, Abdur Rahman, Abdur Rehman, Abdul Rehman, and Abidur Rahman.

Stories Featuring This Name

Abdurahman is one of ninety-nine names of God in the Qur’an, and was one of the theophoric names that invokes the name of God.

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