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About Phoebe

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Phoebe is a wonderful modern name, becoming increasing popular during the 90’s because it was the name of one of the main characters in the sitcom, “FRIENDS.”

Detailed Meaning

Phoebe is the feminine version of Phoebus, from the Greek name for the god of light. Phoebe is also an irregular satellite of Saturn.

Famous People With This Name

Some famous Phoebe’s include: Phoebe Watson is an English tennis player, Phoebe Fox is a British actress and Phoebe Ephron is an American playwright, screenwriter, and mother of Nora Ephron, who became a famous screenwriter as well.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nickname could be Pheebs, as popularised by “FRIENDS.”

Related Names

Some alternative spellings include – Phebe, Phoebee, Phoebie, Phoeby and Febe.

Stories Featuring This Name

Th most famous fictional Phoebe is Phoebe Buffay from “FRIENDS,” played by Lisa Kudrow. Phoebe Banks is a character from the Disney film, “Enchanted.” Phoebe McQueen is a character from the British soap opera, “Hollyoaks.”

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