Pronunciation:beth ah nee

Variations:Bethany, Bethani

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About Bethanie

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Bethanie is a great modern twist on the classic Bethany, and is a great alternative to Beth or Elizabeth. This is an ideal choice for parents looking for a unique baby girl name.

Detailed Meaning

Bethanie is a spelling variant of the popular feminine name Bethany, which is of Hebrew origin. It was the name of a town in the Bible where Jesus stayed before going to Jerusalem for his crucifixion. The name is popular with Roman Catholic parents.

Famous People With This Name

Bethany Black is a British stand up comedian known for her black humour. Bethany Rooney is an American director and producer. Bethany Mooradian is an American author, lecturer and Internet personality.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nicknames for Bethanie include Beth or Bethy/Bethie.

Related Names

Bethanie can also be spelt Bethani and Bethany.

Stories Featuring This Name

Bethany Sloane is the main character of the film “Dogma.” Bethany Platt is a character on the soap opera “Coronation Street.” Bethany Cabe is a character in the Marvel Comics universe.

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