Meaning:God is with us


Pronunciation:ih MAN you uhl

Variations:Immanuel, Emanuel

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About Emmanuel

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Emmanuel is one of those names that are quintessentially festive because of its strong Biblical roots. The name is found in the Book of Isaiah, but is often connected to Mary’s immaculate conception and the birth of Jesus.

Detailed Meaning

Also spelt Emanuel, in Hebrew this name means ‘God is with us.’ It is sometimes shortened to the Spanish version Manuel or Manny. In Christianity Emmanuel is sometimes used as a name for Jesus.

Famous People With This Name

Emmanuel is the name of a very famous Mexican singer who rose to fame in the 1970s. It was also the name of twelve different royal leaders, a famous philosopher (Immanuel Kant), and a professional boxer (Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao).

Possible Nicknames

The most popular nickname for Emmanuel is of course, Manny, although Manuel is also an option. Even shorter nicknames are Man, Em or maybe even Emmy for something more affectionate.

Related Names

There are two different spellings of Emmanuel, which include Immanuel and Emanuel. Of course, Manuel is also a name in its own right.

Stories Featuring This Name

Emmanuel (or rather, Immanuel) is featured in the Book of Isaiah in the Bible and is another name for Jesus Christ. Isaiah is a prophet who God uses to speak to Ahaz, the King of Judah. He is worried that a rebellion is rising against him but God tells him that it will not come to pass. The king does not believe him, so God gives him a sign – a virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, who is called Immanuel.

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