Pronunciation:jay mes

Variations:Jaimes, Jaymes

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About James

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James is a popular biblical boys name that also has royal connections. This would be ideal for those parents looking for a strong traditional English boys name.

Detailed Meaning

English form of the name borne in the New Testament by two of Christ’s disciples, James son of Zebedee and James son of Alphaeus. This form comes from Late Latin Iacomus. This is the same name as Old Testament Jacob, but for many centuries they have been considered by the English-speaking as two distinct names. James is a royal name in Britain associated with James I of Scotland, who was a patron of the arts, a noted poet and energetic ruler.

Famous People With This Name

James Nesbitt is an Irish actor best known for his role in the television series, “Cold Feet.” James McAvoy is a Scottish actor most known for his roles in the “X-Men” film series and the drama film, “Atonement.” James Blunt is an English singer with his most well known song being “You’re Beautiful.”

Possible Nicknames

Some possible nicknames for James are Jamie and Jim.

Related Names

James can also be spelt Jaimes and Jaymes.

Stories Featuring This Name

James Bond is a fictional British spy who works for MI6 and protagonist of the Bond series of books and films. James T. Kirk is one of the main characters from the sci-fi series “Star Trek.” James P. Sullivan is one of the main characters from the animated film “Monsters Inc.” and “Monsters University.”

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