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About Jack

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Jack is one of the most common and popular names in the world, which makes sense as it is related to John, which is also very common. However, unlike John, JackĀ is a moe modern and cooler alternative.

Detailed Meaning

Originally a pet form of John, but now a well-established given name in its own right. It is derived from Middle English Jankin, later altered to Jackin. It is sometimes also used as an informal pet form of James, perhaps influenced by the French form Jacques. It has been the most popular boys’ name in England and Wales since 1995.

Famous People With This Name

Jack is a very popular name, so there are many famous people who are called this. Jack Black is an American comedic actor, Jack Johnson is an American musician, and Jack Whitehall is a British comedian.

Possible Nicknames

An affectionate nickname for Jack could be Jacky or Jackie, although they are names in their own right, usually given to girls.

Related Names

Related names include John, since it is derived directly from it. The female version of Jack is Jacqueline, sometimes shortened to Jackie or Jacky.

Stories Featuring This Name

Some famous fictional Jacks include: Jack Reacher, the action hero, Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Jack Torrance, the main character of the horror film “The Shining.” Captain Jack Harkness is the leader of Torchwood 3 in the British sci-fi series “Torchwood.”

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