Meaning:poppy flower


Pronunciation:pop ee

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About Poppy

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Poppy is one of the many types of flowers that have become popular girls names. Due to its association with WW1, though, it does give it a slightly more sombre meaning, but is no less beautiful for it.

Detailed Meaning

From the flower, the name Poppy peaked in the early 1900s, returning to favour in the 1990s. Poppy flowers can vary largely in colour, but are commonly identified as red. The name is often given to girls born on Remembrance Sunday, as they are seem as symbols of remembrance owing to their link with World War I.

Famous People With This Name

Poppy Honey Oliver is the daughter of famous chef, Jamie Oliver, Poppy Delevigne is sister to famous supermodel Cara Delevigne, Poppy Montgomery is an Australian actress, and Poppy Harlow is an American journalist.

Possible Nicknames

Poppy is a difficult name to make a nickname for, as it is composed of two short syllables. Parents could perhaps shorted it to Pop, if they’d like.

Related Names

Poppy could be spelt Poppi or Poppie, although they are not very popular. Other than that, the name can be related to all other flower names, such as Rose, Daisy, Lily and Violet.

Stories Featuring This Name

Poppy is a fairly popular name and is found in many stories. Poppy Pomfrey is the nurse in the “Harry Potter” series, Poppy Lifton is a character on “Gossip Girl,” Poppy Meadow is a character in “EastEnders” and Poppy is one of the trolls in the 2016 film, “Trolls.”

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