Pronunciation:oo mar

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About Umar

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The name Umar is mostly used in Arabic speaking countries or within Arab families. Umar is often transliterated as Omar, Omur or Omer. This name came about from the tri-consonant Arabic word which can mean ‘life’ or ‘living’. This name is also common in Sunni Muslim communities but not in Shi Muslim ones.

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Name Gender Rank Meaning
Name Gender Rank Meaning
Umar Boy 251 thriving Facts
Usman Boy 544 bustard Facts
Uzair Boy 624 helpful Facts
Una Girl 802 one Facts
Umair Boy 837 intelligent one Facts
Uthman Boy 1,061 baby bustard Facts
Ubaid Boy 1,144 servant Facts
Umaymah Girl 1,299 young mother Facts
Umaiza Girl 1,367 beautiful and bright Facts
Uma Girl 1,411 tranquility; splendour; fame; night Facts

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