Obscure Baby Name: Ptolemy

This was originally posted on October 26, 2007

It was recently revealed that Gretchen Mol and her husband, director Tod Williams, have been parents of a son since this September.

The interesting thing is his name – Ptolemy. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek name Ptolemaios, which means “warlike.”

The two most famous bearers of the name Ptolemy are:

* Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy in English)86 – 101AD – A Greek mathematician, geographer, astronomer and astrologer from Alexandria in Ancient Egypt.

* Ptolemy I Soter 367 – 283BC – A Macedonian general under the rule of Alexander the Great, who later came to rule Ancient Egypt.

So the name, with a masculine meaning and strong historical relevance, doesn’t seem like such bad choice after all!

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