5 Unusual Places to Find Baby Name Ideas

Finding the perfect baby name is not easy.

And while browsing fabulous parenting and naming sites (like ours!) is of course a great place to start, if you’re really struggling to find the perfect moniker, there are also some more unconventional places to find baby name inspiration too.

From immersing yourself in coffee shops to turning to your favourite hobbies and passions, if you’re looking for a unique baby name, think outside the box with our suggestions below…

Your family tree

Family is one of the places lots of people start when thinking about baby names. Often grandparents names are used as middle names or particular names are passed on from generation to generation.

But with classic and traditional names making a real comeback, why not try looking a little further back in your family history for inspiration.

Research your family tree and see if there are any names of more distant or past relatives that you fall in love with.

A name with a family connection always feels extra special so that’s an added bonus too!

Listen out in coffee shops

If there’s one place that you’re guaranteed to hear a range of eclectic and diverse names it’s sitting in a coffee shop while baristas hand out coffees.

Not only might you hear names you may not have previously thought of (or even have known about) but you’ll also hear the wonderful ways in which certain names can be mispronounced.

You might find an alternative version of a classic name you actually prefer – or it might help you eliminate names that are too tricky to say or spell.

It’s great to hear potential names said aloud by different people and just the sheer fact of taking the time to sit in a coffee shop and really think about names might ignite a spark of inspiration…

Look into other cultures and languages

If you’re struggling to find a traditional name that you like, why not look a little further afield. 

Lots of american names are becoming increasingly popular in the UK (often thanks to popular TV shows and films) but what about looking at our european neighbours. Pretty french name Amelie is now in the top 100 baby girl names. A number of Arabic names are also becoming more widespread in the west and can bridge different cultures by offering a traditional heritage but with a modern-sounding name. Zahara, the name of one of Angelina Jolie’s children, is a great example.

If there’s a name you like that you feel is too popular in the UK, you could investigate the equivalent in other languages. Sticking with the french theme, Sidonie is the french version of Sidney and sounds much more exoctic and unique! 

Don’t feel you have to choose a name you’ve heard locally, the world is literally your oyster when it comes to baby names.

Think about your hobbies and passions

While people often think of naming their children after loved ones, or even places that they have a special connection with, another option is to look for baby name ideas in your favourite passions and hobbies.

We’re not necessarily suggesting you name your baby ‘tennis’ or ‘knitting’ (although we’ve heard stranger names), but you could look to your favourite sporting heroes or artists. There’s many a story of babies named after famous footballers (sometimes without both parents being aware that’s where the inspiration came from!).

Or, what about thinking even more creatively. The names of pieces of music or an album you and your partner love, or what about a play on a word 

Visit cemeteries

This may sound a little morbid, but cemeteries can be a great source of name inspiration. If you have a cemetery local to you that you often walk past, take a wander through it and spend some time reading all the names on the headstones while you pay your respects.

If you’re looking for a vintage name for your girl or boy, there’ll be plenty to discover.

And if you’re still really struggling for baby name ideas, why not try our name generator. In a few simple steps you can build your perfect baby name…