Vintage Baby Boy Names

Anything with the label ‘vintage’ is in high-demand these days and this includes baby names!

Vintage or old-fashioned baby names are making a swift comeback and are becoming very popular options for parents.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a traditional name, check out our list of 10 vintage baby boy names below!


Archibald is of Old German origin, but has made its way to Britain and is extremely popular in Scotland. Its shortened version, Archie, is even more popular.


This name originates from the surname of those who lived near cattle sheds or those who worked there, but was slowly adopted as a first name.


Caleb is a biblical name meaning ‘dog.’ It is also considered to mean ‘loyal’ or ‘whole-hearted’, depending on how the Hebrew is translated. Caleb was the name of one of Moses’ followers on the journey to the Promised Land.


The name Edwin is Old English in origin and is said to mean ‘lucky.’


Henry is a German name adopted by Normans who introduced it to Britain. It quickly became a favoured royal name and was most notoriously borne by King Henry VIII.


Maxwell comes from a Scottish surname meaning ‘well belonging to Mac.’


Nathanial is derived from Nathan, both of which are Hebrew in origin and are said to mean ‘God has given.’ Nathanial was the rst name of an apostle, but he was referred to as his surname Bartholomew. Nathaniel is less commonly found than Nathan but is becoming increasingly popular.


Quincy derives from the Latin name ‘Quintinus’ and means ‘fifth.’ It can also be a shortened form of the name Quentin.


Rufus comes from the Latin nickname meaning ‘red-haired.’


Tristan is a name of Welsh origin. In Arthurian legend this name belonged to one of the knights of King Arthur’s round table, and gave his name to the tragic tale of Tristan and Isolde.