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Find the perfect name for your baby!

You've just arrived at the best baby names directory on the web!

Featuring thousands of baby boys names and girls names, including information on name origin and meaning, this will be your first and last stop when deciding on a baby name for your new born.

The subject of babies names often proves to be a sticking point for many expectant parents. That's why our comprehensive database lets you discover unique and unusual baby names from around the world, and also learn more about your own name.

Name meanings

Many parents consider name meanings to be an important factor when picking a baby name - so use our site to find the meaning behind your favourite names, or search for names by meaning.

Popular baby names

Often, choice of baby name is impacted by popularity - some parents opt for popular baby names, while others prefer to pick a unique or unusual baby name. Use our interactive charts to illuminate trends in name popularity.

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