Autumn Inspired Baby Names

The summer is over (boo!) and autumn weather is in full swing. With cooler temperatures and the leaves turning red, why not check out our list of autumn-inspired baby names?


A very popular modern name with biblical roots. According to the bible, Adam is the name of the rst man on Earth. The name derives from the word ‘adama,’ which means earth in Hebrew.


Like Summer, this is a seasonal name that refers to the cooler weather period between September and November.


Ashley was originally a male name but is now unisex, most commonly used for girls. It comes from an English surname referring to a ‘field of ash.’ However, ‘ash’ is a type of tree and the ‘ley’ suffix suggests ‘wood,’ so it could also mean ‘ash wood/tree.’


Hazel, a nut-bearing tree, is also a colour commonly used to describe light-brown eyes.


Originally Laurel was a feminine name, deriving from the Old English laurel tree. Recently the name has picked up popularity as a boy’s name, possibly due to the fame of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.


Linden is a name of German origin. Linden can also be a variant of the name Lyndon. The linden tree is a deciduous tree known as a ‘lime’ tree in British English, though not related to the citrus tree of the same name.


Scarlett is a name of English origin and refers to a shade of red. Scarlett O’Hara is a character from the novel and film, “Gone With The Wind.”


Oakley came about as a surname, given to those who lived in places near to a wood full of oak trees. The name is part of a growing trend to give children surnames as first names.


Olive refers to the Mediterranean fruit and the olive branch is considered a symbol of peace.


Willow trees are known for their grace and flexibility. It has been a popular name for many years.