Meaning:god's peace


Pronunciation:jeff rey

Variations:Geoffrey, Jeffery, Jeffory, Jefrey, Jeffry

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About Jeffrey

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Jeffrey is a popular boy’s name throughout history and its easy to understand why: it sounds strong and elegant and can also be customised in many different ways.

Detailed Meaning

Jeffrey is a common English boy’s name. The name Geoffrey is the precursor to Jeffrey, from the German Gottfried meaning ‘God’s peace.’

Famous People With This Name

Jeffrey Eugenides is an American novelist and the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with his book, “Middlesex.” Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor known for his roles in “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead.” Jeffrey Bezos is the American businessman who founded

Possible Nicknames

The most common nickname for Jeffrey is Jeff/Geoff, although that is also a name in its own right so it may get confusing.

Related Names

Jeffrey can also be spelt: Geoffrey, Jeffery, Jeffory, Jefrey and Jeffry.

Stories Featuring This Name

Jeffrey Goines is a character in the film “12 Monkeys,” played by Brad Pitt. Jeffrey is a character in the “Beverly Hills Cop” series of movies. Jeffrey Sinclair is a character in the 1990s sci-fi series, “Babylon 5.”

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