Top 10 Names for May

This was originally posted on June 6, 2013

We’re back to bring you the most popular baby names on the site from last month, this time we move our focus to May as the middle of the year comes ever closer. The baby name charts this month may come as a surprise to you, but as always we bring you the top ten from our ratings chart, and also your top ten favourite names.

As always we’ll begin by looking at the top 10 highest rated names on in the last month, this time our chart is dominated by new entries reflecting the change we also had in April. Only 2 names remained in our top ten from April, with one re-entry and 7 new entries. Here is the chart, and remember – our ratings are out of five:

Name Rating  Change
Ella 4.46  NEW
Florence 4  NEW
Kelly 3.42  NEW
Harry 3.3  ↑3
Lisa 3.2  RE-ENTRY
Thomas 3.2  ↑3
Romilly 3  NEW
Yumiko 3  NEW
Kaori 2.83  NEW
Megan 2.67  NEW

The top of our chart was taken by a new entry for this first time since March, with Ella nabbing top spot. Whilst new names suddenly becoming a top name in our chart isn’t unusual, the fact that we had 7 completely new entries certainly is. This means that many of the old favourites, such as Freya, Oscar and Hannah have disappeared from the chart! They’ve been replaced by names such as Yumiko, Kaori and Romilly. Someone out there clearly wanted to find some unique names in May!

The only two names to remain in our chart this month were Harry and Thomas, both climbing 3 places each to 4th and 6th respectively. Lisa was also a re-entry after falling out of the top ten in December. We’ve seen this month that both ‘normal’ names, and those that are slightly unique have hit the charts. This flies in the face of the findings we’ve had this year, as classic names seemed to be more popular. So what does this mean for the rest of 2013?

We also keep a record of your favourite names each month. As you may know by now these are the names that you have added to your friend lists – that means there is probably a very good chance that these are the baby names that you decided to pick!

Name Change
Ava ↓5
Grace ↓2
Freya ↑1
Alice ↓1

Noah has remained at the top of our chart for the third successive month (fourth month in total), whilst we also saw 4 re-entries and one new! All of the names featured in the top ten are what you would call ‘classics’, with both Eva and Ava appearing together for the first time. Perennial popular names Oliver and Olivia both re-entered the top ten in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

The new entry in May was Ivy, whilst this is not a name that we’ve seen in our top ten before it’s clear to see that this reflects the classic nature of decisions on baby names at the moment. This is in stark contrast to our ratings top ten where some very unique names hit the chart! The classics remain popular though, and this will only be strengthened by the royal baby.

May was a very exciting month for baby names, and whilst your favourites continue to be the classics the change in our rating top ten came as a huge shock. Will this continue in June, or should we expect the top ten to return to something more recognisable? We’ll be back at the start of July with the answer.