Sam Faiers Praised for Breastfeeding on Live TV

Audiences on the ITV show “This Morning” have been praising Sam Faiers for her decision to breastfeed her son, Paul, on live TV, while being interview on the show.

The Ex-TOWIE star, who was there to promote her new show “The Mummy Diaries,” was stuck in traffic on her way to the studio that morning and didn’t have time to feed her son.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were quick to support Sam. Holly said: “She’s only just got her opportunity to feed baby Paul – when it happens, it has to happen,” while Phillip confirmed to viewers that it was Sam’s choice to cover up her ten-month-old with a blanket while she fed him.

Many viewers reacted positively to this situation and many wrote on social media to express their feelings.

“Good for you @thismorning showing breastfeeding on the television and good for Sam Faiers! What a beautiful little boy,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another tweeted: “@SamanthaFaiers so much respect for Sam feeding live on This Morning.”

While most mothers don’t have to breastfeed on live telly, we think Sam made a good decision – it is a natural thing to breastfeed and when a baby is hungry, you must feed them! You go, Sam!