Top 10 Baby Names in Australia

Ever wondered what the most popular baby names Down Under are? Look no further because Australia’s National Births, Deaths and Marriages registry has released data for the most popular baby names in the country for 2015.

With the birth of Princess Charlotte back in May, the popularity of the name soared in Australia, making it number two on the girls list. There is clearly a royal influence with the boys as well, since William is number two on the boys list.

According to McCrindle, a research company that complied the data, Oliver is still going strong and has remained in the top spot since 2013. Olivia has overtaken Charlotte after three years, where it was number one from 2011-2013. Overall, it seems as if Australia favours more traditional and classic type names and there isn’t an Apple or a North West to be seen in the top ten.


1) Olivia
2) Charlotte
3) Amelia
4) Mia
5) Ava
6) Emily
7) Sofia/Sophia
8) Sophie
9) Chloe
10) Ruby


1) Oliver
2) William
3) Jack
4) Noah
5) Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxson
6) Thomas
7) Lucas
8) James
9) Alex/Alexander
10) Ethan

Be sure to click on the links to see where each name comes from and what they mean!